Conversion and Supply Partnership

There are many distributors who can supply you fuel but do little more. After setting up the agreement you'll likely never hear from your rep again until renewal time.

Buchanan Energy is different. Our fuel supply agreement is the start to building a strong partnership dedicated to helping you achieve the most success. We'll provide you the most competitive fuel prices, superior delivery service and a lot more.

Brand Conversion

Buchanan Energy can take your operation through a complete re-image encompassing:

  • Store
  • Canopy
  • Dispensers
  • Signage
Buchanan Energy Conversion Before Picture
Before Conversion
Buchanan Energy Conversion After Picture
After Conversion

We have a team dedicated to store conversions handling the specifics of property and store layout, planograms, coolers and all other needed retail equipment. We can also consult you on effective hiring and training procedures. Buchanan Energy provides you a one-stop, turn-key operation in taking care of all the details from intellect, equipment and signage to complete your brand conversion.

Buchanan Energy has the expertise to evaluate and re-tool under-performing stations into profitable operations. We work with existing stations, whether city, suburban or rural stores. We can also target and develop new prime real estate locations. We'll formulate strategies to that grow volume, margin and return of investment in all the key profit centers of an operation including:
Convenience store
Car Wash
Auto Repair Service (if applicable)

Merchandising is one of the most essential areas to achieving positive cash flow and profitability. Buchanan Energy will help you negotiate and leverage vendors to secure programs that both save and make you money.

Fueled by Experience

Bucky's Convenience Stores

We know retail!  Buchanan Energy owns and operates the largest and most successful chain of convenience stores in Nebraska, plus owns an additional fifty stores in the St. Louis and Chicago markets. Read about Bucky's Convenience Stores.  Building, remodeling and rejuvenating stores is what we do all time. With Buchanan Energy you get the benefit of this invaluable knowledge to back and strengthen your business.